I’m Becca – a 23 year old, Bristol-dwelling female with a fiancée, two cats and, as it would now appear, a blog. As an already avid Instagrammer, starting a blog seemed like a natural step for me – another place to share photos, but I can talk even more?! Sign me up.

Why “The B Word”?

The more observant among you will have noticed my name – Becca – begins with a B. However, this wasn’t the initial trigger for my choosing this blog name. When listing blog topics, I started to notice an emerging theme – they all began with B or with some quick synonymous thinking, very easily could; books, botany, beauty, bridal, beverages and body. That coupled with my name and location seemed far too much of a coincidence to ignore. I’m also partial to a double entendre and am aware “The B Word” alludes to that well-used, derogatory team, generally aimed at strong-willed women.

Ultimately, these are Becca’s words on B topics and, if your idea of a “b word” is an assertive and opinionated woman, then I guess these are the words of one of those too.