The Bristol Health Bloggers Brunch

You know when you meet someone and instantly get that Oprah “aha!” moment and realise you’re going to be friends? Now imagine that on a larger scale and you’re well on your way to understanding how it felt to be a part of the Bristol Health Bloggers Community (HBC) brunch on Saturday.

The Health Bloggers Community (HBC)

So what is the HBC? Well, I’ll let them explain themselves:

The HBC Community is a mastermind group – a coming together of 450+ like-minded people to help one another achieve common goals and grow. We aren’t an agency: we are a community. The HBC Group is the perfect gathering for small and big bloggers alike. As long as you can prove you have a blog / Instagram account, and are passionate about health and wellness, you’ll always be welcome in our community.”

The HBC is a big deal in London and two fabulous women decided it was high-time Bristol followed suit. Camilla Dempster and Hanna Baxter are a wellness coach and fitness and nutrition coach, respectively – i.e they know their stuff when it comes to health. These two firecrackers organised a brunch at The Crazy Fox (I would highly recommend you go, it’s lovely) and invited a bunch of us to come along, eat, network and learn.

Cosy corner at The Crazy Fox
I’m a very new blogger, but have been on Instagram for a while, so it was lovely to be invited. I know I’m not a niche health blogger or social presence, but I have some experience and opinions on wellness and health. Most notably; chronic pain, body dysmorphia, mental and emotional health, reproductive health and body positivity. I was honoured to asked to come along and relished the opportunity to discuss my views with like-minded people.

Eating and Meeting

The food – oh the food – was delicious. Did I mention it was a three-course brunch?! We started off with one of two Buddha bowls each – either peanut butter and banana or mixed berry and blueberry – topped with fresh fruit, seeds and nuts. Next, a protein laden plate of spiced chickpeas, fresh tomatoes, coriander and cumin on sourdough toast with a side of handmade cauliflower hash browns, baked eggs and alioli. Then my personal favourite: (gluten free and vegan) waffles with homemade apple compote, coconut yoghurt and honey. I was pretty stuffed, to say the least but it was so worth it.
Round 1: Buddha Bowl
Round 2: "Crazy Fox Brunch"
Round 3: Waffles!
Although the food was amazing, the best part was meeting the other attendees. If I can refer you to the first line of this post… I’d spoken to Cam on Instagram several times and had already decided to force my friendship upon her (sorry, Cam) but I wasn’t expecting to feel the same way about so many other people I met that morning. There’s something about being in a room full of passionate, friendly, intelligent and funny women that feels pretty damn special. I’ve linked all their details below because you should really go and check them out.
Cam and Hanna very kindly gave us all goodie bags jam-packed with natural treats. Full disclosure, I ate and/or drank a good chunk of mine before I had a chance to take a photo, so I’ve stolen this one from Leanne.
Quite the goodie bag.
I think my favourite item has to be the Minor Figures cold brew. It’s perfect for during this hot weather spell and is creamy and sweet without any added sugar. You can shop the rest of the items by following the links below. 
From left to right:
What a bunch. Photo by Ross Cains Photography.
I had a truly wonderful time and am so glad I could be there. Here are the Instagram accounts of some of the lovely people I had the pleasure of meeting – check them out!
Your friendly neighbourhood cold brew enthusiast,
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