Bristol HarSPA Launch: Coastal Clarity on Corn Street

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Warning: contains descriptions of luxurious spa treatments and delicious food. May cause envy and an intense desire to book a spa day.

In April, I visited the Bristol Harbour Hotel to celebrate the birthday of their gorgeous Gold Bar. I’d never been there before and was instantly enamoured with the quirky decor and the beautiful building itself: it was absolutely wasted as a bank. So when an opportunity to visit their spa for the launch of their HarSPA came along, I positively jumped at the chance to explore the hotel further. I also wanted a spa day, I’m only human.

Note: the image quality is not great, due to dodgy phone cameras and steam. Please bear with me!


The spa is located down in what used to be the bank vaults. Think low, arching brick ceilings and rustic, metal vault doors. It’s calm, cosy and relaxing. On arrival, we were handed robes, slippers and an itinerary before being asked to wait in one of the “relaxation rooms”. This was essentially a dark, incense-scented room that’s about 80% cushioned sofa. I think if I had one in my home I would never leave: the ultimate, zen hibernation station. We were then taken to a truly gorgeous function room covered in marbled wallpaper with gold accents and warm lighting. The openness of this room contrasted beautifully with the calm darkness of the treatment and spa areas.


The spa has been open for a while now and using ESPA products, however they’ve long had their own line of HarSPA products and treatments in the works. Inspired by the “clarity and well being of coastal life”, HarSPA products are made using naturally sourced marine elements and botanicals. There are ten Harbour Hotels across the country with some based in seaside resorts and others in cities – like Bristol. Creating and using products reminiscent of the sea is a great way to introduce coastal characteristics to their more metropolitan locations.

The friendly and knowledgeable spa staff talked us through the new products and we spent an hour smearing, smelling and sticking various products to our faces and hands. Each smelled gorgeous – the perfect blend of fresh sea-air and delicate, relaxing florals. My favourite was the Marine Eye Contour Serum, containing aloe vera and seaweed. What can I say? I’m a sucker for some aloe.  You can read about all the products in more detail in their brochure. Testing everything out was really fun and I left the room feeling and smelling pampered.

Haphazard face mask application with Alice (

Downtime & Treatments

Before our treatments, we were given the pleasure of using the hydrotherapy pool area, along with the sauna and steam room. The pool area is bathed in relaxing blue light which I loved. The sauna and steam room are situated just off the pool, so it was nice and easy to pop back and forth between the two.

We were lucky enough to have a choice of several HarSPA treatments. I went for the “Invigorating Back Pamper” which you can read more about and book here. For the exfoliation part of my treatment, my massage therapist (who was so lovely and talented) used the HarSPA Lime and Lemongrass Scrub – “an uplifting scrub to revive
and smooth tired skin”. It definitely delivered on that promise and smelled divine.

After the scrub, I was treated to the most glorious back massage with warm oil. It was during this portion of the treatment that I decided to offer my spare room to the therapist so she could give me a massage every day. I mean, obviously I didn’t but I came pretty damn close. That’s how good it was.

This is approximately 5% candid. Credit to Melissa Eddolls!

Food Glorious Food

Then came the most colourful lunch I think I’ve ever eaten. I personally loved the avocado, tomato and rocket on sourdough. The little green or pink smoothies/juices were as delicious as they were adorable. It was lovely to have a delicious and filling meal that was balanced and nutritious. If our buffet was anything to go by, if you book Bristol Harbour Hotel for a function, they put on a spread.

All Good Things…

..must come to an end. Although everyone else went, Elinor and I wanted to make the most of every minute we had left. We sat in the highly effective steam room before cooling off in the pool. Even the products in the changing room showers left my hair smelling and feeling fabulous.

Some of us came straight from our treatments - can you guess who?

In Conclusion

This was the best event I’ve been to since I started Instagramming and blogging. The staff were all so friendly, warm and knowledgeable. Their pride in their products and treatments is really lovely to see. Of course, the scrumptious food and massage worked very much in their favour too. I will, without a doubt, be booking Abby and I in for some treatments in the coming months. If you’d like to do so yourself, you can peruse the facilities and treatments at your leisure here or by paying them a visit at 53-55 Corn St, BS1 1HT.

Your friendly neighbourhood HarSPA junkie,


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